We are the leading Swedish manufacturer of industrial UAV´s with 10 years experience. Our goal is to is to make the world a better and safer place, to solve issues and problems that others cannot. 


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What we do

The spirit of the company is to make the world a better and safer place, to solve issues and problems that others cannot make difficult and time consuming tasks simple and safe, and above all, perform when needed. 


With years of experience of drone development, we have successfully solved technical problems for specific and custom applications for our clients. Sometimes boardering to what many would think is science fiction.



We believe a cost effective solution starts with the true knowledge about our clients need. The will to improve, streamline, work smarter to stay competitive. We can help you on the path, with years of knowledge in tech, workflow and IT security.



As a tool, our drones are designed to work when needed. To move forward, they will stay in the market for a long time, making it a sound investment. With a full service and spare parts program, you can feel safe that we will be at your side when needed.

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Our products

CUAV has a passion within technology and problem solving, and has a strong drive, a great commitment and the will to develop. Our team is passionate about product development and innovative secure solutions. Our driving force is to develop products and services that give our clients the tools necessary to stay competitive. Join our team, make a change. Together is the solution.
More about our products

Our key words

Our products is easy to use, safe, complient and field-rated.

IT security

All data collected from our drones are secured and are not being spread in any cloud service

The sun does not always shine

If you work in rain, snow, darkness or cold, so do our drones.

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Our history

CUAV is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, manufacture, sales and service of secure industrial-grade UAV systems. CUAV is committed to becoming the european leading brand of industrial-grade drones. Our roots are from the drone company Pitchup AB’s development department, which has developed drone technology in Sweden since 2011.

We have since that grown as a technology consultant and now work with unique industrial products within drones and technology. CUAV AB has only Swedish owners, which in many cases is a requirement from our customers.

Through our innovative process, with our powerful and creative strength, we could be your brand’s ODM or we could customize our product for your demand. We also have rich experience working with well-known companies in jointly creating a new product by sharing our technology.


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Contact us

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